Your debt has gotten out of hand. Creditors are calling you every week, maybe every day. Wages are being garnished from your bi-weekly paychecks, which only adds to your anxiety. How will you pay your mortgage or rent this month? You barely have enough for a few groceries.

When you decide on filing for bankruptcy and contact a lawyer, the anxiety immediately stops. By law, creditors must stop calling, your wages are no longer snatched up, and you can take a breath. You can have a new start. This is it.

Creditors are only allowed to contact your lawyer. That’s because once you declare bankruptcy, you receive protection from foreclosure, repossession of a vehicle, or other harassment. Some people file bankruptcy on their own—but the task is all-consuming. Months of paperwork and deadlines make the process unadvisable to do alone. Your Las Vegas bankruptcy lawyer is responsible for explaining every procedure, answering your questions, and making sure everything is filed correctly so that you can focus on starting over.

Together, you’ll find out which chapter (7 or 13) to file and figure out your assets, disclose all your debts, and get your life on track.

The Big Consequences of Filing for Bankruptcy

While difficult to talk about, knowing the full weight of what filing bankruptcy causes is something everyone must be informed about before they make their decision. Here are a few things that filing for bankruptcy can affect:

  • The report stays on public record and your credit score for 10 years
  • If you rent, you may have difficulty finding a place to live
  • Your utility and phone services may request an advance payment before you can receive service
  • Some employers request to check your credit score before offering you a job, so you may be overlooked for some careers

You may face emotional struggles through the bankruptcy process. But with the help of a Las Vegas bankruptcy lawyer, you can receive credit counseling and financial advice. This council will guide you as you step away from this part of your life as you step into a new phase: one where your debt is managed.

Experience the relief a trusting bankruptcy attorney can provide with Luh and Associates firm in Las Vegas.