lawyer-debt-bankruptcyHave you considered a career in law? The life of a lawyer, whether it is a bankruptcy lawyer in Las Vegas or elsewhere, can be a rewarding and enriching experience. Not only do you get to help people, but you can also make great money.  

If you are serious about becoming a bankruptcy lawyer in Las Vegas, follow these steps.

Complete a Bachelor’s Program

Becoming a lawyer is not an easy goal. It requires times and concentration, and the best way to test your abilities is by enrolling and completing a four-year degree.

A bachelor’s degree is required to get into graduate school. It doesn’t matter which type of degree you get, whether it is a degree in English, biology, or mathematics. What matters is if you did well in classes that required critical and analytical thinking, writing, and problem-solving.

Most majors in universities develop these skills. However, if you are set on becoming a lawyer, your undergrad should be focused on classes developing these skills.

Take the LSAT

Taking the LSAT, otherwise known as the Law School Admission Test, is required to enroll in any Law School in the United States. The LSAT is offered only four times a year, and it is advised to take the LSAT near the completion of your four-year degree. The LSAT is what will determine your eligibility to certain law schools.

The LSAT is scored on a scale of 120 to 180. If you want to get into the top and best law schools in the United States, you need to score as close to 180 as possible.

Apply to Law School

After passing the LSAT, start applying to law schools. How you are admitted into law school depends on the school criteria. Some law schools weigh your LSAT more than your GPA, but that does not mean having a high GPA doesn’t help with admission.

When you are accepted into the law school of your choice, study hard. Law school is highly competitive and requires intense focus. However, while hard, you may find times goes by quickly. Most law programs are only two years long. Before you know it, you’ll be graduating.

Pass the Bar

The final step to practicing law is passing the bar examination. This examination is typically essay-based testing the knowledge of the candidate. Unlike the LSAT, the bar is administered only on specific days in each state. You can check when Nevada’s bar exam is here.

After you pass the bar, start applying to state bars and federal courts to start practicing, work in a bankruptcy firm in Las Vegas, or become a solo practitioner.  

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