Whether you’re doing research or going through financial struggles, you may at some point experience a threat issued by your creditors: if you don’t pay what’s due to them, they’ll put in a court order to garnish your wages.

Many people have heard about wage garnishment, but they don’t know exactly what it is. Today our Las Vegas bankruptcy attorneys will explain wage garnishment and how to avoid wage garnishment risks.

What is Wage Garnishment?

Wage garnishment is when creditors require your employer to withhold a certain amount of money from your paycheck and send it to them to pay off a debt. This wage garnishment will last until the entire debt is repaid. When you factor in interest, the process can seemingly last forever.

For a creditor to garnish your wages, they’ll need to sue and win their case against you. After this, they will get a court order allowing them to garnish your wages, which is given to law enforcement and then to your employer. How much your creditor can take from your wages depends on the situation. However, there are laws that stop them from taking all of your paycheck.

How do I stop wage garnishment?

There are multiple ways to stop a potential wage garnishment, including:

  • Negotiating with Creditors
  • Object the Garnishment
  • Complete Debt Counseling
  • Seek help from Las Vegas Wage Garnishment Exemptions
  • Declare Bankruptcy in Las Vegas

When you declare bankruptcy in Las Vegas, the law protects you from creditors through the automatic stay. This means all actions by your creditors must cease or they face legal action. If your situation is so bad that you need to declare bankruptcy to stop wage garnishment, seek out the help of our Las Vegas attorneys.

Consult a Las Vegas Bankruptcy Attorney

If you experience wage garnishment and your debts are spiraling out of control, get help now. Our Las Vegas bankruptcy attorneys can put an end to your debt and help you get a hold on your life. Schedule your free consultation today.