You have finally sat down and considered bankruptcy. It is a serious choice to consider, but the bills are piling up, and the harassing phone calls are more severe. You want control back in your life. We at Luh and Associates Attorneys at Law, our bankruptcy attorneys in Las Vegas can help with the bankruptcy process.

You may have considered Chapter 7 bankruptcy. However, before filing, understand which debts can be discharged and not discharged in Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Dischargeable Debts in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Credit Card Debt

Most of the time, people use bankruptcy to wipe out their credit card debt. Most credit cards base themselves in unsecured debt. This means the card does not have collateral to collect when a debt is left unpaid.

Since credit cards are nonpriority, unsecured debt, the court will discharge most or all of your debt. In some cases of bankruptcy in Las Vegas, you must give up property you own that is nonexempt to pay back creditors. Whether you will lose property to bankruptcy depends. Consult with a bankruptcy attorney in Las Vegas to know for sure.

Medical Bill Debt

If you have racked up medical bills debt due to an unfortunate situation, our attorneys in Las Vegas can help discharge this debt in your cases. The reason being is that, like credit card debt, medical bill debt is nonpriority and unsecured.

Nondischargeable Debts in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Child Support and Alimony

In 2005, Congress decided that child support and alimony were too important for an individual to discharge. Chapter 7 bankruptcy will not help you if the majority of your debt is in back payments. Seek one of our lawyers in Las Vegas and consider Chapter 13 bankruptcy if the debt is unmanageable.

Debts to Government Agencies and Taxes

If there are any debts you cannot hide or discharge from, it is these debts. The United States Government and IRS want their money. These debts are secured debts. If you have these types of debts, consider Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. While it will not discharge any of the debt, it will make making payments to these agencies manageable.

Need Assistance in Filing for Bankruptcy?

We have barely scratched the surface on dischargeable and nondischargeable debts. On top of it, every case is special. In certain cases, nondischargeable debt can be discharged.

Navigate through your bankruptcy with confidence with Luh and Associates Attorneys at Law.

Our bankruptcy lawyers in Las Vegas will take care of all these intricacies and give back control in your life.