las vegas bankruptcy judge gavelYou have your bankruptcy lawyer in Las Vegas and you coordinated with your bankruptcy trustee. You’re ready to have your meeting of creditors. You’re on your way to a debt-free life. However, there is one person who stands in the way. During your bankruptcy petition, you may face the ultimate decision maker in your case: your bankruptcy judge.

The Bankruptcy Judge

Bankruptcy judges preside over every bankruptcy hearing. The bankruptcy judge oversees all legal actions and adheres each case according to federal bankruptcy law. The key role of a Las Vegas bankruptcy lawyer is to decide whether or not the petitioner qualifies for the bankruptcy chapter.

The Role of the Bankruptcy Judge in Court

Not everyone can apply for bankruptcy and get it. Deciding who gets Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy involves a strict case-by-case observance between the individual’s income and the federal law.

Making this decision is the bankruptcy judge’s role, which is not taken lightly. If, theoretically, a bankruptcy judge passed through everyone’s petition for bankruptcy, the act and the following consequences would be an egregious abuse of the law and the financial system.

The federal government wants to avoid this, so they have jurisdiction over all bankruptcy cases. The bankruptcy judge is their representative. So, the bankruptcy judges follow the government’s strict procedures in how cases are presented and what arguments can be made.

The role of your bankruptcy attorney is to convince the bankruptcy judge that your debt is completely deserving of the bankruptcy chapter you filed for. If not, the judge can throw out your case or convert your bankruptcy.

Need a Bankruptcy Attorney in Las Vegas

Las Vegas bankruptcy judges can seem intimidating, but if you have a Las Vegas bankruptcy lawyer backing you up, you have nothing worry about. Our Las Vegas bankruptcy attorneys will represent you.

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