debt-managementWhen declaring your bankruptcy, you may have made a mistake. You may have realized Chapter 7 is not right for your situation and want Chapter 13 bankruptcy instead. Or, maybe you don’t want the pressure of making payments under Chapter 13 and want to wipe it all out with Chapter 7.

You wonder, is it possible to change which chapter of bankruptcy I filed under? At Luh and Associates Attorneys at Law, our bankruptcy attorneys say yes, you can. Here is how it can happen.

How to Convert Your Type of Bankruptcy

Before you do anything, make sure to consult with bankruptcy lawyers before considering any conversion. The Las Vegas bankruptcy attorneys at Luh and Associates will guide you through the process and weigh your options.

Conversion can happen in two ways: either of your own volition or through force of the court. You have a right to convert your bankruptcy anytime during your bankruptcy hearing. You have to file a motion to the court explaining why you want the conversion. If approved, then your bankruptcy will be changed. There are consequences, however. When you convert, your petition will be locked in that type of bankruptcy and cannot be changed again.

There are other stipulations to bankruptcy conversion. Again: Consult with a Las Vegas lawyer.

The other way your bankruptcy can be converted is through forced conversion. This is when the court changes your type of bankruptcy. This usually happens due to the debtor not being eligible

for the chapter of bankruptcy they file for.

Need a Las Vegas Bankruptcy Lawyer?

If you are declaring bankruptcy in Las Vegas, Nevada, don’t go through the process alone. At Luh and Associates Attorneys at Law, get the best bankruptcy attorney in Las Vegas to get you a debt-free life.

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