credit-squeeze-522549_1280One of the questions we hear in our Las Vegas bankruptcy office is how am I going to pay for my bankruptcy? It seems like a catch-22. I need money to get out of debt, but I don’t have any money because it is going towards my debt. What can one do?

There is one relatively cheap way to declare bankruptcy in Las Vegas.

How to File Bankruptcy on Your Own

What is a Pro Se Bankruptcy?

Pro se or pro per bankruptcy is when a person foregoes the assistance of a Las Vegas bankruptcy attorney and petitions the court. During pro se bankruptcy, you perform every role a bankruptcy attorney would perform during a bankruptcy hearing.

You’ll still receive the protections bankruptcy allows for debtors, but this process will require more work on your behalf. Duties you’re responsible include:

  • Completing all proper bankruptcy form and schedules
  • Understanding of how federal bankruptcy law work
  • Understanding state bankruptcy law and exemptions
  • Critical-thinking and rhetorical skills

Filing for bankruptcy on your own is tough, but not impossible. If you have a relatively simple bankruptcy that includes small debt and limited property, you may be able to do it. However, the more complicated and time-consuming a bankruptcy is, the more you may need a bankruptcy attorney.

The important information to take from this is that you have bankruptcy options. If you are successful in your petition, the savings you could get would be sizable. However, the costs of mistakes or errors on your part for filing is similar. It just depends if you are comfortable with those risks.

Need a Bankruptcy Attorney in Las Vegas?

Don’t go to court alone. The benefits of having a Las Vegas bankruptcy attorney far outweigh the risks associated to pro se bankruptcy petitions. At Luh and Associates, we give a free consultation to help get your life back together. Contact Luh and Associates for a new direction in life.