bankruptcy-lawyerFiling for bankruptcy is a multi-step process in clearing your debts. You cannot complete these steps alone. It takes a team of experienced bankruptcy lawyers in Las Vegas and another key player to get your life back on track.

One of these key players is a bankruptcy trustee, one of your biggest allies in getting you a debt-free life.

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It can seem like life is over after filing for bankruptcy in Las Vegas. While you know the threats and stress need to end, you’ve become so used to it. You forgot how to lead a life not consumed by out-of-control finances.

While contacting a bankruptcy attorney and declaring bankruptcy may seem scary, realize the reason why bankruptcy exists is to help and protect you. It is there to get your life and money back on track and to stop the madness.

If you considered filing for bankruptcy in the past and hesitated, you’re not alone. Read this list and see how one of our lawyers in Las Vegas can help you.    

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You decided it is time to get control back into your life. You decided to file for bankruptcy in Las Vegas. The problem is, however, you don’t know a thing about it or where to find a Las Vegas lawyer.

Questions such as will I lose my house and car worry you. Will my credit recover? Can I live a normal life again?

When filing for bankruptcy, it helps to know what you’re getting into. Last week, we discussed Chapter 7 bankruptcy. We touched on what this type of bankruptcy can and cannot do for you, and how some situations require Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Today, we will discuss what Chapter 13 bankruptcy is and how a bankruptcy attorney can help you.

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You have finally sat down and considered bankruptcy. It is a serious choice to consider, but the bills are piling up, and the harassing phone calls are more severe. You want control back in your life. We at Luh and Associates Attorneys at Law, our bankruptcy attorneys in Las Vegas can help with the bankruptcy process.

You may have considered Chapter 7 bankruptcy. However, before filing, understand which debts can be discharged and not discharged in Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

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When you decide to file for bankruptcy, it can seem like the end of the world. Even if we file for the first time, we have nightmarish images of losing our possessions and livelihood.

Questions preoccupy our thoughts: What will I do next? How will I move on? What will people think?

It is important to remember, however, despite how tough it may seem, bankruptcy is a way for a Las Vegas Attorney to help you back on your feet to live your life, not take it away.

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Your debt has gotten out of hand. Creditors are calling you every week, maybe every day. Wages are being garnished from your bi-weekly paychecks, which only adds to your anxiety. How will you pay your mortgage or rent this month? You barely have enough for a few groceries.

When you decide on filing for bankruptcy and contact a lawyer, the anxiety immediately stops. By law, creditors must stop calling, your wages are no longer snatched up, and you can take a breath. You can have a new start. This is it.

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Filing for bankruptcy is a big life decision and should be carefully considered. Many turn to family and friends to ask for advice before taking action. Others may feel ashamed or too shy to address their financial problems with those closest to them. Whatever your choice is on consulting others, you shouldn’t have to go through your bankruptcy alone.


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