Filing for bankruptcy is a big life decision and should be carefully considered. Many turn to family and friends to ask for advice before taking action. Others may feel ashamed or too shy to address their financial problems with those closest to them. Whatever your choice is on consulting others, you shouldn’t have to go through your bankruptcy alone.


If you decide to file, a bankruptcy lawyer will not only guide you through the process correctly but also provide support while you navigate this new phase of your life to becoming debt free.

If you’re worried about hiring a bankruptcy lawyer because of the cost, consider that making the investment, no matter how tight your budget is, will ensure you file and fill out the paperwork correctly. A lawyer can take out the guesswork and possible mistakes you may make if filing by yourself. Here are our tips for finding ways to afford a Las Vegas bankruptcy attorney to assist you.

Make Payments on Essentials, Not Luxuries

The hardest question to ask yourself is what do I need versus what do I want. When filing for bankruptcy, you need to cut everything you want and leave just what you need. Most of them are basic necessities, such as food, water and shelter.

House and Car

During a bankruptcy, what you need are pure essentials. Are you paying for a mortgage on a house you can’t afford? Or a car? Stop making payments. If you already suspect that your house or car will be something you’ll have to give up during your bankruptcy process, don’t bother putting money into something you know you can’t keep.

In the meantime, make living and transportation arrangements with family or friends, if you can.  

Payments on other debts

Filing for bankruptcy will absorb your debts, so it’s futile to keep making payments on your medical debt or credit card payments. Funnel your money instead towards a trustworthy lawyer that will help relieve you of these overwhelming payments.

However, remember: Student loan debt does not go away when filing for bankruptcy. If you have student loan debt, continue making payments.

Needless Luxuries

Consider that buying lunch five days a week for about $10 a meal adds up to an extra $100 from your paycheck. If you’re spending money on daily luxuries like coffee and fast food, cut it out. Find ways to scrimp and save so you can invest in a bankruptcy lawyer. A few ideas for nixing:

  • Netflix or other streaming service (do without it for a few months until your finances are in order)
  • Clothing (Unless it’s an absolute necessity)
  • Name brand foods (All those pennies and dollars add up when you buy store brand food)
  • Eating out or daily fast food and snacks (These costs rack up fast. Take a couple of minutes to make a lunch at home for work)
  • Daily Starbucks coffees (If your work doesn’t have break room coffee, make your own fraps at home)
  • Manicures and pedicures
  • Gym membership
  • Unsubscribe from monthly memberships that auto pay (music, clothing, food boxes, etc.)

Do Your Homework to Find the Right Attorney for You

First, find an attorney that offers you your first consultation free of charge. They’ll give you valuable insight on the ways they can assist you, and you can see if they’re a good fit for you and your needs. Don’t think that just because some lawyers charge more than others, that they’re somehow better. Affordable lawyers will get the job done just as well.

Bankruptcy attorneys in Las Vegas, Nevada, will explain your rights to you, what debts you cannot get rid of, and can give counsel on financial management. Book your free consultation to learn how we can help you through your bankruptcy.